Hello, my name is Uli Baysie. A year ago I moved to Portugal. Before I lived for 3 years in the UK and before this in Germany. I am German.

Brexit is one of the reasons for leaving the UK. In the moment I would say it was a good move for me.

The first 5 months I lived with my cat and caravan on the land of a friend of mine. … and I learned a lot. The first insights of living in Portugal.

I was astonished how fast everything is growing in the spring. Brambles everywhere. Loads of wonderful flowers. The paths were overgrown in a minute. So I learned to use the motorslight and the chainsaw. Both absolut needed here.

At my friend land you were all the times just busy to do keep the paths free. When I started looking for my own land I realised that I am not able to maintain such a big land on my own.

With this knowledge I bought a land only 2000 square metres big. All my friends have hektars.

The next point I understood was that i need /want electricity. 5 months without any electricity were enough for me. It is ok for a while without. You learn to use solar lamps and candles. But for my work i knew i need electricity in future.

My friend had decided not to have solar on the land. All charging like phone and tablet was only possible in the car.

I needed a land not to expensive, not to big, with electricity or the possibility of electricity and …

I wanted to have access to my land by car even, even when it is raining. In the rural land in the alentejo most of the roads are not tarred. We are living on the camp (campinho) as it is said or dust roads. Big holes, mostly not possible to drive when it is raining. For weeks I had to carry everything on my back for 2 kilometres up and down hills. The caravan was standing in a valley. Then you think twice about your shopping, your laundry, using gas, ….

So I found my land. Small. Directly between 2 dustroads, with electric poles around me, all year possible to drive by car. Happy.

Well…..but it was like a fairy tale land. It was absolutely overgrown by brambles. I found the pond only by using the motor slight. The hedges were 10 meters wide and up to 5 metres in the high. Brambles. The grass in the middle was up to the breasts.

So I had to dig it out my island. That took me a few weeks until it was possible to move in with my caravan.

That was the time a new life started. July. Warm.